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Our Star Products: Heavenly handcrafted pizzas, mouthwatering pastas,
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聽Indulge in our signature pizzas that boast delicious crusts, sauces, and premium quality ingredients. Plus, explore our other yummy menu items!

Burrata E Prosciutto Di Parma $22.00

A refreshing salad that combines the richness of fresh burrata cheese with…

Prosciutto Di Parma Al Pesto Rosso $19.00

Introducing our Prosciutto Di Parma Al Pesto Rosso, a pasta dish that…

Bisteka Alla Carbonara $22.00

Prepare your taste buds for a truly decadent experience with our Bisteka…

Carbonara $14.00

Classic Carbonara, a pasta dish that features al dente spaghetti coated in…

Funghi Al Tartufo $15.00

Vegetarian Lovers! Introducing our delightful Funghi Al Tartufo, a pasta dish that…

Anatra Affumicata Arrabiata $12.00

Prepare your taste buds for a fiery and smoky experience with our…

Spaghetti Alla Salsa Rosa Con Branzino (Prawns) $18.00

Ready for a symphony of flavors with our Spaghetti Alla Salsa Rosa…

Spaghetti Alla Salsa Rosa Con Branzino (Sea Bass) $16.00

Perfect harmony of flavors with our Spaghetti Alla Salsa Rosa con Branzino…

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Experience the Collezione Lan Difference

Delight in our unique blend of passionate flavors, crafted with care, and served in a familial atmosphere. At Collezione Lan, we go beyond just food – we create memorable experiences steeped in creativity, quality, and warmth.

Wood-Fired Pizza Delivery in Singapore | Collezione Lan

Passionate Flavors

Our passion for flavors drives us to constantly renew the flame of creativity in our kitchen. Our talented chefs experiment with new techniques and trends to deliver dishes that are both visually stunning and mouth-watering. We believe that our love for food is what sets us apart, and we’re always looking for new and innovative ways to satisfy your cravings.
Collezione Lan, Wood-Fired Pizza Delivery in Singapore |

Crafted with Care

At Collezione Lan, we take pride in crafting dishes that are made with care. Our team of skilled chefs use their expertise and creativity to deliver dishes that not only taste great but also look amazing. Every dish is prepared with attention to detail and a passion for quality, ensuring that you have an unforgettable dining experience.

A Family Affair

Collezione Lan is a family affair, and we treat our customers like family too. We believe that dining is an experience that should be shared with loved ones, and that’s why we strive to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere where you can enjoy quality food with the people you care about.
About US

Crafting Culinary Excellence: The Collezione LAN Story

At Collezione LAN, we’re more than just a restaurant – we’re a family of passionate creators who are dedicated to crafting exceptional culinary experiences. Our journey began with the head chef, who spent years honing his skills in a famous Italian restaurant before bringing his expertise to Singapore. With a wood-fired oven and a commitment to using only the finest ingredients, we set out to create pizzas that would delight even the most discerning palate.

From there, we expanded our menu to include a range of delectable pastas and succulent steaks, all crafted with the same care and precision as our pizzas. And despite the challenges of the pandemic, our commitment to delivering love in every bite remains unwavering.

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Unveiling the art, passion, and stories behind our flavorful creations.
Journey with us as we explore the world of gastronomy, one dish at a time.
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Exploring the World of Wood-Fired Pizza: A Delicious Journey

Wood-fired pizza is not just a meal; it’s a culinary experience. The crackling sound of the fire, the smoky aroma, and the perfectly charred crust


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