Best Burgers in Singapore

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Delight in our impeccably prepared burgers, each offering a symphony of fresh ingredients and robust flavors !

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Experience the Best Burgers in Singapore at Collezione LAN. Indulge in our signature burger and fries combo, featuring our juicy Wagyu beef and bacon cheeseburger, a perfect blend of succulence and savoriness, served with crispy golden fries. Alternatively, try our equally satisfying plant-based mushroom burger, a mouth-watering meat-free option. Each option is priced at $18, making it a perfect choice for lunch or dinner. Order now to enjoy the best burgers in Singapore, paired with gourmet fries for an unbeatable experience.

Plant-Based Meat-less Burger $18.00

'Ah lah' plant-based mushroom patty, fresh toppings. Experience veggie burger perfection at Collezione Lan. ingredients:…

Wagyu Beef & Bacon Cheese Burger $18.00

Juicy Wagyu beef, crispy bacon, melted cheese. Experience burger perfection in Singapore. ingredients: Wagyu beef…

Mashed Potato $5.00

Creamy and comforting mashed potatoes. A classic side that brings warmth. Order now!

Onion Rings $6.00

Crispy and flavorful onion rings. The perfect snack or side dish option. Order now!

Potato Wedges $6.00

Crunchy and fluffy potato wedges. An addictive side that satisfies cravings. Order now!

Truffle Parmesan Fries $7.00

The irresistible truffle parmesan fries. A gourmet twist on a classic favorite. Order now!

Fries $6.00

Crispy and golden fries. The perfect side to complement any meal. Order now

Mid-wings $8.00

Succulent mid-wings deep fried to perfection. A flavorful and satisfying choice. Order now

Best Burgers in Singapore

Take your palate on a journey with the Best Burgers in Singapore at Collezione LAN. Our menu features scrumptious options such as the Plant-Based Mushroom Burger ($18.00), crafted with an ‘Ah lah’ plant-based mushroom patty and fresh toppings, promising a taste of veggie burger perfection.

For meat lovers, our Wagyu Beef & Bacon Cheese Burger ($18.00) is a must-try. It’s a symphony of juicy Wagyu beef, crispy bacon, and melted cheese, offering a taste of burger perfection that Singapore has come to love. Each ingredient is carefully selected and assembled to deliver a burger experience like no other. Order now to delve into the best burgers in Singapore.

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